Hi, I'm Mallory!


...and I love helping Anxious Teens!

You see your child struggling and you're worried, hurt, and just plain frustrated!!! 

You've tried tough love, warm and fuzzy, even the "let's pretend it never happened" approach and it just keeps feeling like you can't win. Going through the roller coaster of teenage emotions and being met with grunts, eye rolls, and incoherent meltdowns when you try to help can be exhausting and discouraging. 

It doesn't have to stay this way!

Hi! My name is Mallory Grimste and I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (that's what all those letters behind my name mean, btw). Since 2007, I've enjoyed helping teens struggling with mental health issues in agency, school, group home, residential and hospital settings. 

During this time, I became frustrated with the difficult task of finding ongoing counseling for these kids with providers who were qualified, comfortable working with moody teens, and had openings. Several parents and community providers even asked if I could continue seeing them in my own counseling practice. At the time, that didn't exist, but after much encouragement and support from several community providers, I did just that in 2014 when I open the doors to my counseling practice in Woodbridge, CT. 

my training and approach

Along the way, I've had training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (also commonly referred to as CBT, DBT, and TF-CBT, respectively). I've found using these therapies especially helpful in treating teens struggling with anxiety, depression and other big emotions. Regardless of all my training, I treat each individual based on their personal preferences and needs. All of my work is collaborative, where the teen generally takes the lead in the direction and focus of counseling. Working with those in the under-18 crowd, I find it super important and helpful to work with the parents as well. Each quarter, (approximately every three months), we meet all together to review your teen's treatment, goals and overall progress.

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