Going back to school can be a tough time for teens.

This workshop can help!

I am calling together 8 motivated and invested teens who want to make this next school year the best one ever! Anxiety around School Stress doesn't have to hold you back. Every year I see more and more teens struggling with the stress of going back to school after the summer break. This year, I decided to be proactive and offer this great workshop where teens will learn how to plan for and use strategies that work for stress and anxiety!

This one day camp is a truly one-of-a-kind experience- like a mini-retreat for teens! There's nothing else like it around here- so you'll want to jump on signing your kid up ASAP before it fills up.


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With a day full of fun and activities, your teen will learn:


How to notice when their thoughts and behaviors may actually be making them MORE anxious!


How to hang in there when school stress or anxiety just feels wayyyyy too overwhelming


Connect with other teens who get it and feel comfortable talking to others when they need help


Get on the list NOW!


TWO Convenient Payment Options

Monthly Payment

2 payments of $60 

One Payment

1 payment of $97 - save $33!