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The past few weeks I've asked you to help create the next big idea to Help Teen Anxiety. I was so overwhelmed by the response that I needed a little extra time to digest and organize your answers.

First and foremost.... THANK YOU!

Thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to share your struggles, challenges, and hopefulness for a better way! It is not easy surviving teens and you're all doing such amazing jobs! Your responses show just how much effort and care you continue to pour into your teen's success, whether you are a teen, parent a teen, work with teens, or just know a teen!

You said....

Your biggest challenges and struggles are:

  • knowing when the anxiety is real or an excuse to isolate
  • getting through the "all or nothing"  and negative thinking
  • building trust
  • how to help when they truly HATE themselves (their bodies, their thoughts, everything)
  • what to do if your teen turns to self-harming behaviors
  • low self-confidence and comparing themselves to others (clothes, weight, beauty, studies, etc.)
  • getting teens off their devices and into the present moment
  • mornings before school

You’ve already tried…

  • giving them the benefit of the doubt
  • tiptoeing around their emotions
  • going through the pros and cons with them
  • telling them “don’t worry- it will get better”

Sometimes it works, BUT Let's be real..... more often than not, the anxiety creeps back up and continues to wreak havoc on them and everyone in their path (usually including YOU!).

  • What if I told you that you could have a healthy and respectful relationship with your teen?
  • What if you didn’t have to feel so stuck and discouraged?
  • What if you could have much less stress and anxiety yourself, making for a healthier family overall?

As a therapist who has worked with 100s of teens (yes- that is an accurate number!) I’m happy to share my strategies, knowledge, and experience with you!

This Round is currently closed but you can get on the waitlist and be notified when doors open again.