BTS: Teen Girl Therapy Group {Sneak Peek!}

You know that I LOVE the power of Group Therapy for teens!

I get a lot of questions about what happens in group therapy.

For privacy and confidentiality reasons, I can’t film and share an actual Teen Girl Therapy Group session, but I can give you a behind-the-scenes, sneak peek in this video.

Teen Girl Therapy Group

Watch this video for a Sneak Peek!

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Joining a Teen Girl Therapy Group isn’t as simple as signing up.

You actually have to apply for a spot. That’s because it’s a highly considerate process.

You can apply for a spot in one of my Teen Girl Therapy Groups following these 3 steps:

  1. Parent/Caregiver completes a free 15-minute phone screening.

  2. Teen and their Parent/Caregiver come into the office for a face-to-face New Client Assessment.

  3. If they’re a good fit, the Teen is invited to join one of the Teen Girl Therapy Groups. If they accept this invitation, it means YOU’RE IN!

But what actually happens in a Teen Girl Therapy Group session!?

Keep Reading to Find Out….

YOU’RE IN! Now What?

On your first day, you just have to show up. You’ll have an opportunity to choose a colored folder- this will be your Group Folder.

This folder will stay in the office in between sessions, so you don’t have to worry about lugging it back and forth.

When you’re ready to Move On from group- you get to take it with you!

In your group folder, you’ll find the meeting schedule for that Quarter, as well as your Check-In sheet. We’ll get to that in a moment….

But first, WELCOME!

Whenever a new member joins a Teen Girl Therapy Group, a question is selected from our Welcome Bag.

Don’t worry, they’re low-stress questions like “What is your favorite fruit?” or “Do you prefer it to be hot or cold”?

It’s a fun, lighthearted way to get to know everyone’s names and a fun fact or preference they have.

Checking In…

Every Teen Girl Therapy Group starts the same way- with a check-in from everyone.

That Check-In sheet I mentioned sitting in your Group Folder? It has space for you to write how you’re feeling, one thing you’re grateful for, and how you did on your One Thing/Top Takeaway.

If it’s your first group, you won’t have a One Thing/Top Takeaway yet, so you don’t have to worry about that at the start. I’ll explain more about this at the end.

Every group member has a chance to share their check-ins, and expand on how they’ve been doing since the last session if they want.

Group Agreements

This is one of my favorite parts about Teen Girl Therapy Group. After we check-in, we review the Group Agreements.

Each group has COMPLETELY different Group Agreements- that’s because they were created BY the group members themselves.

It’s a pretty rare thing to be told you’re in charge as a teenager, and for the adults to actually mean it. Teen Girl Therapy Group is one of those places.

The only Group Agreement that’s the same for each is about Confidentiality. That’s because in Group Therapy, every member in the group is responsible for maintaining everyone’s privacy and confidentiality. It’s a little different from Individual Counseling where only the Therapist is bound by confidentiality.


Then it’s on to the actual Group Therapy work. This is the time when anyone in group who has something they want to share or discuss, opens up to the group for feedback, support and/or advice. We may then spend some time learning or practicing a new skill through an activity, game, or general group discussion.


I know that the work you do in therapy doesn’t end when you leave the session. To make a long-lasting impact, you have to take what you learn into your day-to-day life. It can be tough to remember how you want to keep improving in between sessions, which is why at the end of every Teen Girl Therapy Group, everyone shares the one thing they will work on between that group and the next, or their top takeaway from that group therapy session. Setting an intention and sharing it with others allows for support and accountability- to yourself and others.

I have witnessed magical shifts in teen’s lives when they come to Teen Girl Therapy Group.

That’s the power of group therapy! We aren’t meant to go it alone, as people we are built to support and empower each other- especially when you’re a teenager.

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