7 Ways Seeing A Teen Therapist Can Help You Live Your Best Life

The way therapists are portrayed in the media is scary!

(I’m looking at YOU “13 Reasons Why”)

It's no wonder teens are afraid to go therapy.

That's why I figured I'd share with you 7 ways seeing a teen therapist can help you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE as a teenager.

*All of these have been told to me by several former clients and their families over the years.

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There are SO many TV shows, books and movies that make seeing a therapist way spookier and scarier then it actually is.

As a rule, we’re truly not trying to manipulate you, blackmail people, or even tell you what to do.

I’m going to set the record straight today about 7 ways seeing a therapist can help you live your best life!

I’ve had SEVERAL clients tell me they were afraid to see a teen therapist in the past because all they knew was from books, TV or movies.

For some reason, they love making therapists the villain, which is actually pretty harmful to someone who could use the help and support we provide, but now they’re too anxious or afraid to meet with someone.

Now of course, I’m a bit biased here because I am a teen therapist, and I think all things therapy and mental health is pretty cool.

But if what I did for my clients didn’t work or help them, I wouldn’t be here sharing it with you all here, too.

So let me share with you just a few of the ways I’ve seen therapy help my clients based on theirs and their parent’s feedback:

  1. Grades improve: They start working hard on their school work

  2. Tones are less negative and sarcastic: They handle feedback much more appropriately and course correct quickly

  3. Confidence increases: They have a more positive attitude about being themselves, not worrying about what others think

  4. Social anxiety decreases: They get better at taking the initiative to make plans with friends and are more confident in public settings; They no longer having the same fear of walking into crowds filled with peers anymore

  5. Coping gets better: They recognize what causes their moods better and get better at coping with stressful situations

  6. Talking and expressing herself more easily: They feel good about who they are and tell others what they need/what from them

  7. Healthy friendships develop: They are more social and more eager to talk to new people at school

    … and SO much more!!

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If you are concerned that you, or someone you know, may be considering killing themselves, please connect them with help.



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