6 Must Know Signs of Self Harm in Teenagers

Noticing the signs of Self Harm in Teenagers can help get teens linked with the right care and support before it gets worse.

This video explains 6 must know signs of self harm in teenagers.

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Help for Self-Harming Teens is out there

Therapy can help!

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  1. Wearing long-sleeve shirts or pants, even in warm weather. They keep it a secret

  2. Unpredictable mood swings, or difficulty managing their emotions. Teens with a mood disorder or a trauma history are at a higher risk. They may seem angry/irritable, breakdown easily, or easily offended or hurt.

  3. They may make jokes about death, dying, suicide or self-harm.

4. They withdraw or isolate from others. This may be because they feel embarrassed or shame. They may also stop participating in their hobbies.

5. They don’t feel stable of secure in themselves - they may question their purpose for living, or what the meaning of life is- they can be quite introspective.

6. You find harmful objects in their room or belongings that don’t make sense for them to have.


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