Feeling Bored and Depressed? How to Make a Summer Bucket List 2019 for Teens

How many times have you been sitting around thinking how bored you are and can’t think of anything fun to do?

It can be really depressing when you don't have school to distract you.

Well today I’m talking all about how to use making a summer bucket list to help add more excitement and fun to your summer!

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Earlier this week I asked my Instagram followers (@mallorygrimste) what’s on their Summer Bucket List this summer and I’ll be sharing their ideas in the video here: https://youtu.be/L7cdwigdy7M

But first, What the heck is a Summer Bucket List?

You may have seen influencers posting them on their Instagram or videos of them floating around YouTube though the idea of creating a bucket list is nothing new. It’s a list of activities or adventures you want to try before summer is over.

I LOVE the idea of creating a Summer Bucket List for teens because summer can be really boring and depressing when you aren’t in school. Even though school is really stressful, it does give us something to do and occupy our time during the academic year.

When summer break hits and we have lots of open free time to fill, it can feel really overwhelming thinking of what to do so you don’t feel bored and depressed. This is especially true if you’re really into studying, active in your school’s sports team, or participate in other activities and clubs that provide built-in structure to our time.

Here are some ways to make your Summer Bucket List for 2019:

Make sure you include 3 categories:

  • Things You Have to Do

  • Things You Already Know You Enjoy Doing

  • New Things You Want to Try

Do a Brain Dump

List out EVERYTHING you’d like to do this summer.

It can be wild or simple. Next, list out all the things you HAVE to do this summer- maybe it’s a summer job or volunteering. And I know most of you have that dreaded summer reading or match packet to do. I recommend including at least 1-3 things per category.

If you come across a cool idea to add, go ahead and add it.

Just because it’s not there at the start, doesn’t mean you can’t add to your summer bucket list along the way.

For some cool ideas YOU shared with me on Instagram (@mallorygrimste)- watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/L7cdwigdy7M

Invite some friends!

It can be SO much more fun doing these activities with some friends.

Plus, it’s a great way to make and bond with new ones or people you’d like to get to know better. Having a specific activity in mind when you invite someone to hang out makes it way less stressful than trying to figure out ways to entertain them later.

Don’t keep score.

HAVE FUN with this list!

The whole point of a list like this is NOT to keep score. It’s an inspiration list to spark ideas when you start feeling bored or depressed this summer. If you do complete it, AWESOME- make another one. Don’t get to everything? Totally OK! Add it to your Fall Bucket List instead.


And if you need some more inspiration, watch the video on YouTube because it’s where I share the things YOU told me over on Instagram that you had on your Summer Bucket List.

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