100 Things To Do When You're A Sad and Lonely Teenager

We all feel sad and lonely at times.

Knowing what to do can help turn your mood around.

In this video, I’m sharing 100 Things to Do When You're a Sad and Lonely Teenager.

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Prefer to read? Here’s the full list:

  1. Read a book.

  2. Write a story.

  3. Do your homework.

  4. Journal.

  5. Listen to music.

  6. Dance to music.

  7. Make some music.

  8. Sing along to your favorite song.

  9. Write a letter thanking someone who you are grateful for.

  10. Read that letter to the person you’re grateful for.

  11. Make a gratitude list of all the thing you’re grateful for.

  12. Do your make-up

  13. Try a new hairstyle

  14. Draw

  15. Paint

  16. Color a mandala

  17. Write down your negative thoughts then say them out loud in a funny voice or accent.

  18. Set a timer and let yourself feel your feelings.

  19. Write a letter to your future self and hide it in your room to find another day.

  20. Make a friendship bracelet.

  21. Meditate

  22. Make a snack

  23. Bake a cake

  24. Bake some cookies

  25. Clean your room

  26. Walk your dog

  27. Make a fort out of pillows and blankets

  28. Give yourself a makeover

  29. Declutter your closet

  30. Write the troops a letter of support

  31. Look for inspiring quotes and write them down

  32. Write down your goals and dreams

  33. Make a dream jar filled with these goals and dreams

  34. Make a vision board

  35. Play a video game.

  36. Write a poem

  37. Play solitaire

  38. Work on a puzzle

  39. Work on your college essay

  40. Make dinner for your family

  41. Pull weeds

  42. Rake leaves

  43. Shovel snow

  44. Volunteer

  45. Apply for a job, or call your boss to see if they need extra coverage

  46. Stretch

  47. Do some yoga

  48. Try deep breathing

  49. Paint your nails

  50. Learn a new skill

  51. Watch some YouTube videos

  52. Laugh at funny memes

  53. Make your own memes

  54. Imagine what your life will be like in 20 years

  55. Make your bed

  56. Clean the dishes

  57. Fold your laundry

  58. Put away the laundry you just folded

  59. Get out in nature for 10minutes

  60. Take some selfies

  61. Pack your schoolbag

  62. Make plans with a friend

  63. Watch a movie

  64. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself

  65. Listen to a podcast

  66. Listen to an audiobook

  67. Vacuum

  68. Dust

  69. Clean the bathroom

  70. Wash your face

  71. Take a nap

  72. Change your phone screen to something that makes you laugh

  73. Clean your desk

  74. Drink a glass of water

  75. Do something you’ve been procrastinating on

  76. Take a hot shower

  77. Open the windows and enjoy the fresh air

  78. Apologize for something you did wrong

  79. Put on a pair of cozy socks

  80. Drink some tea or hot cocoa

  81. Take a bubble bath

  82. Watch your favorite show

  83. Let go of a grudge

  84. Smile for a full minute

  85. Pose like a superhero

  86. Make a Zentangle

  87. Rip up old papers you don’t need anymore

  88. Organize the photos on your phone

  89. Delete apps you don’t use

  90. Floss your teeth

  91. Look up funny pick up lines

  92. Listen to a new band you’ve never heard of before

  93. Massage your scalp

  94. Rub lotion on your hands

  95. Smell some essential oils or candle scents you enjoy

  96. Look at old photos

  97. Practice saying your name in a new accent

  98. Text a friend

  99. Tell someone how you feel

  100. Call your best friend

100 Things for Sad and Lonely Teens to Do

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