Still Struggling To Finding Friends You Actually Like Spending Time With? Here’s the Missing Link

Your mind is way more powerful than you realize.

Our brain tends to be the decision-maker but it goes even deeper than that. Our mind helps shape how we see everything -- including ourselves. For example, you are running on the treadmill and going as fast as you can. You want to stop because your body is starting to feel it. You have 10 seconds left. In this moment you have two choices, to stop early because you feel tired or to keep going...just another few reach your goal.

There is no real difference between stopping and continuing to run for those additional 10 seconds but it is your mind that decides if it’s doable or not. If you’ve decided you are gonna finish, you will. If you never actually made the decision….you probably won’t.

Again, your body doesn’t really know the difference but your mind decides.

Our mind is this invisible force that influences so much of our life. The same is true in your quest to finding friends you actually like spending time with. I can teach you all the basics and I can solve your problems the best I can, but it’s your mind that decides if you’ll actually take the steps, do the work, and reach your goals.

The good news is that we don’t have to be a slave to our minds. We can decide what thoughts we actually want to think. 

Here are 3 affirmations that you can start embracing right now and start to see a difference right away in how you feel about your journey to finding friends you actually like spending time with.


  • Even though I don’t say much, people like hearing my thoughts and opinions.

  • People understand and accept me, even during the stormy times.

  • I can be myself and people will still like spending time with me.


How do you start implementing these thoughts?

You just start saying them out loud, almost like a mantra and they will start to integrate into everything else. The path to finding great friends you actually like spending time with is way easier when you think this way. As always, the girls in Teen Girls Therapy Group are here to help you through this journey together.

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