How To Get Your Teen Into Counseling

If you're a parent who is stressed out and worried about your teen, but struggling with how to connect your teen to counseling, I have a treat for you! It doesn't have to be so difficult as Marriage and Family Therapist, Uriah Guilford writes about in his article, "How to Get Your Teen Into Counseling." 

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Uriah Guilford is a Marriage & Family Therapist from Santa Rosa, California who specializes in working with teenage boys, young adults and families. 

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Mallory Grimste, LCSW is a mental health therapist in Woodbridge, CT. She loves helping tweens, teens and young adults struggling with Anxiety (... and other Big Emotions) find what works for them.

Originally a Jersey girl, she loves the beach, sunglasses and iced coffee. Her favorite coping skills are deep breathing, listening to music, and watching Scandal.

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