Check Out My PsychReg Feature!

The other day I was contacted on Twitter about featuring me on their site. PsychReg is an online resource in psychology where you can read a range of articles on mental health and well-being. It also feature profiles of people in psychology and allied fields (like Me!).

Check out my feature here:

About Mallory Grimste, LCSW

Mallory Grimste, LCSW is a mental health therapist in Woodbridge, CT. She loves helping tweens, teens and young adults struggling with Anxiety (... and other Big Emotions) find what works for them.

Originally a Jersey girl, she loves the beach, sunglasses and iced coffee. Her favorite coping skills are deep breathing, listening to music, and watching Scandal.

If you want to know more about Mallory, or how she can help, visit her website at

Mallory Grimste, LCSW - Teen Therapist

Mental Health Counseling for Anxious Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults | Woodbridge, CT