Group Counseling Can Help Teens Control Anxiety Attacks

Group counseling can help teens control anxiety attacks through community, experience and confidence.

This video tells you how!

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Teens tend to prefer the company and advice of other teens. This is totally normal and natural. How many times have your heard a parent tell you something, but it didn’t click until a friend told you the same thing? It just makes sense that as a teen, you’d want to hear from others who have similar experiences as you.


Experience is the best teacher. If your anxiety increases in new, or changing, social situations- group is the perfect place to practice new ways of thinking, feeling and expressing yourself. In a group, not only are you learning about these new strategies together, you’re getting to practice them live in vivo because you’re already in a social setting. Therapy groups are great because they’re already designed to be safe and supportive since everyone’s in it together.


If you’ve watched some of my other videos about controlling anxiety attacks, then you know they’re driven by worry and uncertainty. This is a chicken-or-egg scenario. Were you already feeling insecure and the worry started? Or did the worrying cause the insecurity? Either way, when you experience anxiety attacks, your confidence and self-esteem can usually benefit from a boost. Group can help teens who experience anxiety attacks feel more confident because you can get immediate positive feedback and celebration from several people when you get better. One of my favorite groups is when my group kiddos are ready to move on from group. It feels so good to celebrate each other’s successes together and can be so inspiring for others who aren’t quite ready to move on yet. Plus, when you can share and help others, you feel pretty darn good, too!

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