How Parents Can Improve Their Teen's Self-Talk

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This Week's Parent Tip: Talk Positively About Yourself and Others

Have you ever watched your kid talk and think they look or sound just like you or another family member? I love the Progressive commercial where one woman's husband is literally turning into his mother because it depicts this concept so well! I'm sure we can all relate to the feeling of hearing you say the things your parents would say - Heck! I hear my own mother's words come out of my mouth more and more every year! (Thankfully I liked most of what she had to say growing up- love you always Momma if you're reading this!)

The Problem

From a young age, kids are learning about how to feel about themselves, others, and the world by watching and noticing the people around them. Teens are constantly internalizing new ideas, thoughts, and beliefs as they work through who they will become as an adult.

In psychotherapy, we call this process internalization (because the person is "internalizing" what they view and experience "externally" or outside of themselves).

It might not seem like your kids are watching or listening, but they are!!!

The Solution

Be mindful of the way you talk about yourself and others. When you focus on talking positively about yourself and other people, your kids will also learn to talk and think more positively as well. Plus you may start to notice a boost in confidence about yourself also.

If you have trouble with this, here are a few statements to get you started:

* I like myself because....

* People say I am a good....

* I've been successful at....

When you toot your own horn, your girls will follow suit and learn that talking positively about yourself isn't something that is "bad" or feel shameful or embarrassed about it. Own and celebrate your accomplishments positively.

Practice Now!

Choose one of the statements above and share your completed Say it Loud and Proud in the comments below!

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Mallory Grimste, LCSW - Teen Therapist

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