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All New Clients require a FREE 15-min Parent Phone Screening and Face-to-Face New Client Assessment to determine if Group Therapy is the right fit for your Teen Girl. 

What is Teen Girls Therapy Group?

This group provides a safe, supportive community where teen girls can feel comfortable sharing their experiences, create healthy connections, and learn the skills they need to feel great about themselves so they can live healthy, meaningful lives.

Who is this group for?

Teen girls struggling with depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem can benefit from Teen Girl Therapy Group. To the outward world, these girls look like they have it all going on. They get good grades, work hard, and are genuinely good kids. However, inside they feel disconnected, disengaged, and dissatisfied. They may have trouble expressing themselves or being assertive for fear of disappointing others. They may talk about not liking, or even hating themselves, as they try to keep up appearances of perfection. It can all feel so overwhelming!!!

Who is Teen Girls Therapy Group not for?

If your teen is violent, engaging in problematic sexual behaviors, or actively abusing drugs or alcohol, they may not be appropriate for group therapy. Group needs to feel safe for all members and if your teen is struggling with one of these issues, they may need specialized treatment or individual counseling to work on some of these concerns before considering joining a group therapy.

What will members get from this group?

  • Learn to love themselves as they are as they learn how to practice self-compassion and self-forgiveness.

  • Combat negative thinking by examining their thoughts and offering/accepting peer feedback.

  • Create healthy connections with others who get their experience because they're going through the same journey together.

The BIGGEST Takeaway???

There are others like you and you DON'T have to endure this journey alone.

Teen Girl Therapy Group Self-Love




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Want More Details?

Click the questions below to see the answers to some popular FAQs about Teen Girls Therapy Group.

When Does Group Begin?

This is an ongoing group that meets weekly. That means people can begin and end at various times throughout the year.

You will receive your official start date after you've completed the New Client Assessment and have been accepted to participate in the group.

What Specific Dates Does Group Meet?

Groups run at various afternoon and evening times on an ongoing basis through the year. Each member must first complete a New Client Assessment and be accepted to participate in group that fits best. Each member receives a schedule of dates we meet on a Quarterly basis.

How Long Do Sessions Last?

Groups are held for 60 minutes . This is an ongoing, open group meaning there are no set number of sessions required to complete this program.

Girls move on from group when they and their parents feel they have completed their goals. Most girls stay in group for 1-2 years on average.

Where Does Group Meet?

We'll meet right in my office: 30 Hazel Terrace, Suite 12, Woodbridge, CT.

Click here for a map.

How Many People Will Be in the Group?

Groups will be capped at 6 girls though the number of girls actively enrolled may change at any time.

Will Meetings Be Confidential?

ABSOLUTELY!! I take your Privacy and Confidentiality very seriously! All members of group will sign a contract agreeing to uphold confidentiality at all times.

One exception is that I am a *Mandated Reporter. This means that if you want to hurt yourself, you want to hurt someone else, or someone is hurting you or someone else I will hve to let the appropriate people know in order to help keep everyone safe.

What is the investment?

Teen Girl Group Therapy
  • All New or Returning Clients must complete a Parent Phone Screening (15min - free) and a Face-to-Face New Client Assessment (45min) prior to being admitted to group.

  • Group will run for 60-min each week. For information about current pricing, please click here: Sessions & Rates


>>You can learn more about my Session Rates and Fees Here <<

A quick note about insurance and diagnosis

Teen Girls Therapy Group is meant to be a psycho-educational group and will not require a mental health diagnosis as outlined by the American Psychiatric Association. However, if clients wish to use their insurance's out-of-network benefits for reimbursement, a mental health diagnosis will be required for that process. I do not accept payment from insurance directly but am able to assist Parents in submitting appropriate documentation for possible reimbursement by either providing an Insurance Super Bill they can mail to their insurance or submitting this information electronically on their behalf at no extra cost. Clients are responsible for checking their insurance eligibility for out-of-network benefits and seeing if they qualify for reimbursement of group sessions.

If you need help talking to your insurance about Out-of-Network benefits, I highly recommend using Better - an app that helps patients who pay out-of-pocket to get reimbursed by their health insurance. They work with your insurance to get you reimbursed. 


What makes me so qualified to run a Teen Girl Therapy Group?

I was a teenage girl once (and not so long ago), so I get it. I've also been working with teens since graduating college in various settings. I love running groups and have led and co-led hundreds of groups in group homes, residential programs, schools, hospital and PHP/IOP settings. I have seen the power of a group firsthand and love being able to offer this service to others.

Mallory Grimste Teen Group Therapist

How Do I Sign Up?

All New Clients are required to complete a Free 15 Min Parent Phone Screening and a 45 Min Face-to-Face New Client Assessment before they are eligible to join the group. Group Therapy is for teens who want this type of support. By completing these steps, it helps prepare your teen for what to expect, while also making sure they will be a good fit for this group.