The Coping Skills Teens LOVE.... (but often get wrong)

Who doesn't love a vacation? You get to get away and take some time from the everyday stressors and activities to rest, rejuvenate, and indulge in some good old-fashioned self-care.

I just got back from Vacation last week and I feel *awesome*!

Did you know Vacation is a healthy coping skill!?

It's true! It's one of the IMPROVE the Moment Skills

The Vacation skill is similar to taking a break- or taking space. Sometimes getting some distance from the thing that is overwhelming you can help give you a healthy perspective on how to handle things when you return.

Yup- that's right- to make it a true vacation - YOU HAVE TO COME BACK.

This is the one thing most Teens get wrong when they try out the Vacation skill. When I work with teens, I often hear Teens share about how they recognize when they are feeling too emotional to address the situation in a healthy manner- so they walk away, they take a break, they take space. Then..... nothing.

I remind them these skills have three parts:

1- Notice the emotional overwhelm and take a break

2- While on your break, take the time to use your coping skills to re-regulate your emotions so you can problem-solve in a healthy manner

3- Return and put your new plan in action

That's right- if you don't return- you didn't take a Vacation, or a Break. You just LEFT

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