I'm Positive You'll Love this Strategy for Giving Teens Disappointing News

Do you cringe every time you have to give teens disappointing news? Tired of tiptoeing around unpredictable moody teen responses?

This Communication Strategy is for You!

Bosses use it when they give employees negative reviews (or terminate their employment- *gulp!*). Coaches use it to give their players negative feedback. And now you can use it to give teens disappointing news!

Positivity Sandwich for Disappointing Teens

There are 3 parts to the Positivity Sandwich

1 - Start with a positive observation regarding the person. *bonus points if it's related to the disappointing portion

2 - Share the disappointing or troubling feedback/news

3 - End on a positive note, just like you began!

Need an example?

(1) I love how passionate you are about reading. (2) I need you to stop and join us for our dinner now. (3) We love spending time with you.

Why it works

This strategy works so well because people tend to remember and respond to the first (primacy effect) and last (recency effect) things they hear. When people experience positive statements or feedback first and last, they tend to be more receptive to the delicate news (aka less likely to explode or meltdown).

Try it out tonight!

Let me know in the comments what positive sandwiches you love feeding the teens in your life! Did they respond positively? Have trouble tweaking it?

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Mallory Grimste, LCSW - Teen Therapist

Mental Health Counseling for Anxious Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults | Woodbridge, CT