Self-Care for Teens

Self-care is necessary for maintaining our overall well-being. Without self-care, we break down- literally.

That's right- neglecting self-care can lead to:

  • emotional meltdowns
  • becoming physically sick
  • exhaustion
  • and more...

When people usually talk about self-care they get all fancy and suggest expensive, time-consuming indulgences such as enjoying a massage or going on a vacation. While these are great- they just aren't realistic, especially for teens!

Self-Care for Teens

Here are 3 small ways Teens can do for Healthy Self-Care:

1. Wash Your Hands

Every time you use the bathroom, be sure to wash your hands. Teens come in contact with many other students each and every day. And let's be real, not every teen is great about keeping up with their hygiene. Plus, with the pressure to do well and have good attendance, it's highly likely you'll be coming across other people in denial they have a cold or the latest flu making the rounds. By washing your hands regularly, you and your fellow students will thank you for doing your part to stave off germs.

(Click here for The Simple Power of Hand-Washing:

2. Positive Self-Talk

It's par for the course that teenagers will engage in negative self-talk. Heck- they engage in negative talk outside of themselves too! However, by taking a few moments to be kind to yourself and tell yourself encouraging positive statements, you will maintain your good mood that much longer. We believe what we tell ourselves- so why not make it a good story?

3. Turn Off Notifications

I know reading that may have set off all sorts of alarmist and catastrophic reactions. I promise you won't die and more importantly- it's highly likely your friends won't even notice. Our brains are wired to respond immediately to noises and the color red- so turning off the notifications on your phone will lessen the pressure you feel to respond right away. Those messages will be there waiting for you when you're ready to give them your full attention. Plus you'll feel so much better when you come back to multiple messages than 0-1 since your last "check."

Try it out Today!

Wish self-care strategy are you trying? Do you have other small ways teens can engage in healthy self-care? Let me know in the comments below.

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Mallory Grimste, LCSW - Teen Therapist

Mental Health Counseling for Anxious Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults | Woodbridge, CT