How to Tell Your Parents You Want to See a Teen Therapist

If you think you may have Depression and aren’t sure how to talk to your parents about it, this video was made for you!

In this video I’m telling you how to tell your parents you want to see a teen therapist using DBT’s GIVE skills.

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Most of the teens I work with know they don’t feel good way before they talk to their parents about it. The thing is as a teen, if you want professional help, your parents need to know what’s going on first. Therapy can help you be more comfortable talking to your parents about this stuff, but how can you even tell them about it so you can see a teen therapist?

I highly recommend using the acronym GIVE from DBT’s Interpersonal Effectiveness module. Interpersonal Effectiveness is Dialectical Behavior Therapy’s way of saying “communicating better.” The acronym GIVE reminds us of 4 skills to use when you want to keep and maintain healthy relationships.

GIVE stands for:

G stands for being Gentle. 

I is for acting Interested.

V is for Validating.

E is for having an Easy Manner.


If you are concerned that you, or someone you know, may be considering killing themselves, please connect them with help.



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Mallory Grimste, LCSW - Teen Therapist

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