What are Coping Skills!?

Therapists LOVE to talk about using your coping strategies. I know I do! But what the heck is a coping skill?

I’m going to tell you all about them here….

Did you know the average person experiences 3-7 crises each and every day? It’s true! We manage these crises by using our coping skills. So what are coping skills? Well let me break it down for you:

Coping skills are the strategies we use whenever we experience an intense emotion, usually in response to a stressful event that leaves us feeling overwhelmed , otherwise known as a crisis. We all have them and use them each and every day.

They don’t necessarily solve the problem, or make the situation go way.

But they help us to tolerate, or “hang in there”, during periods of intense stress and overwhelm until we’re in a better state to address the problem.

There are TONS of lists and videos about Coping Skills, but one of my favorite breakdowns is the way DBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy talks about them.

But I’ll save that topic for another video.

If you’ve got a favorite healthy coping strategy that works for you make sure you share it in the comments below so others can try it, too!

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