Help Teens Remember the Good Times


... but so does positivity!

Have you ever entered a room and instantly felt the tension leftover from an intense argument you didn't witness?

What about the experience of someone entering and instantly boosting the mood of a room just by their mere presence?

Emotions are contagious. They move within and between us over and over again. We often focus a lot on how to limit our contact with the unpleasant ones- though how can we help teens hold onto the pleasant ones longer? 

help teens remember the good times teen therapist Mallory Grimste LCSW in Woodbridge CT


That's right- when you purposefully create and then talk about remembering the good times- you actually hold onto that pleasant feeling even longer. 

This can be especially helpful for teens who are often feeling so grumpy thanks to the stress and hormonal changes that come with being a teen these days. 

Here are some ways teens can accumulate positive events:

  • Make a list of all the things they love to do - it can be something simple like listening to music, or big like go snowboarding on the weekend
  • Ask them to talk about their favorite experiences - go for the details- have them describe the experience using observations from their 5 sense. What did it look like, smell like, feel like, sound like, and taste like?
  • Document it - encourage teens to take photos, write it in a journal, or even create a collage/Pinterest board filled with these positive events

You'll be turning frowns upside down in no time when you accumulate positive events. Be sure to let me know your favorite ways to accumulate positive events in the comments below

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