Please Stop Asking Emotional Teens This Question

Know a Teen prone to Emotional Meltdowns?

We all do! It's par for the course. Sometimes these teen meltdowns look like yelling, sometimes they look like crying. Either way, they always end with parents trying to make it better and teens accusing them of making it worse.

Stop Asking Emotional Teens Why - Mallory Grimste Teen Therapist in Woodbridge, CT


Exactly! You've asked them the question that makes teen emotional meltdowns explode- "Why?" 

Here's why asking Why isn't helpful:

- Teens might not know why they are reacting the way they do

- If Teens already know why, they may feel guilty, embarrassed, or ashamed by their reaction/lack of control

Here's a better question to ask: How can I help you right now?

Having the Why conversation can be extremely helpful later when the teen is back in emotional and behavioral control. However, trying to have a rational conversation with someone who is in a highly emotional state isn't helpful.

Getting the teen calm and back in control should be your main priority.

If you know a teen who has repeated trouble calming down, and can't fully answer the "why?" question for themselves, it may be time to consider talking to a therapist. Group therapy can be a great way for teens to learn and help each other. I'd be happy to answer your questions and see if therapy is the right next step for your teen.

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